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Janie's Produce Pics and Prices
These are pictures of produce I buy, pick or could buy at the health food store locally.

I go to the farmer's markets regularly and have arranged for standing orders of certain things like bananas & coconuts year round. I also arrange for standing orders of other things when they are in-season like rambutan, mangosteen, pineapple, etc. I pick up my standing orders at the farmer's market and some of the farmers deliver them to me as well. We have a good working relationship and if they have something they think I'd like they call me. When I like something I get it in bulk, regularly, so it's worth it for them too. A win-win relationship.

When at the farmer's markets I'm always on the lookout for something new and/or coming into season. I ask the farmers about things that I want - if they grow it, if not - whether they know anyone else that does. This is how I got the best connection for chocolate sapote I've ever had. It turned out that a farmer I bought other things from had them growing but didn't bring them to market before. I ended up getting about 3 cases of them from her before the season was over. I wouldn't have been able to gather 1/10th of that elsewhere.

I also grow as much as I can in our small yard and can still harvest from a few past farms we planted when organic farmers on other people's land. We wildcraft when hiking whenever possible as well. Of course, I go to the local health food store (AKA HFS) for some things and to see if they have anything interesting too. Sometimes people want to compare the prices of things in certain areas, so I periodically note what things cost here.


Farmer's Market Booty:
January 5, 2005
Saturday January 8, 2005
Wednesday February 16, 2005
Friday February 18, 2005
Saturday February 19, 2005
Wednesday February 22, 2005
Catch-up for March & April 2005
Saturday May 28, 2005
Saturday June 4, 2005
BIG Coconuts: June 3, 2005
Wednesday January 24, 2007
Thursday January 25, 2007

Produce Deliveries:
July 16, 2004

Health Food Store:
January 5, 2005

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