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Since people are often curious what's in-season and offered at what prices in various places, I thought I'd take a few pics of our HFS to satisfy that curiousity.
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a couple of sad looking old pommelos for 99 cents ea.
imported mangos for $2.99/lb
local mineola tangerines for $1.49/lb
local coconuts sans outer husk $2.99 ea.

exotic imported fruit: organic apples are all $2.99/lb
can't read the local tangelo sign - think it's $1.99/lb

local avocados are $1.59/lb

organic green beans for $4.99/lb
those date-something packs are about $5 I think...

local apple bananas are $1.19/lb - I think they're certified organic too, but it doesn't say...
local papayas are $1.19/lb

locally grown lettuce mix is $7.99/lb
organic beets are $1.99/lb
1 pound bag of organic carrots is $1.something, heh
organic zucchini squash is $2.99/lb
bag of organic romaine hearts is $4.99/lb
organic green leaf lettuce is $2.99/lb
organic rainbow chard is $2.99/lb
organic red leaf lettuce is $2.99/lb
locally grown lettuce is $2.99
organic celery is $1.99/lb
organic red bell pepper is $2.99/lb

organic ginger - ick - is $4.99/lb
organic tumeric -ick #2 - is also $4.99/lb
organic cucumbers are $2.99/lb
local tomatoes are $4.99/lb (from same farmers I got them from - they're organic)
organic yellow squash is $3.99/lb
organic shitake mushrooms are #13.99/lb
organic roma tomatoes are $4.99/lb

organic red cabbage is $2.99/lb
8lb bag of organic carrots is $7.99
organic yellow bell peppers are $7.99/lb
organic green (AKA unripe) bell peppers are $5.99/lb
organic broccoli is $2.99/lb

organic lemons are $2.99/lb
can't read the organic kiwi price - it's an each price..
can't read the organic red pears (exotic here) price either....
bags of apples at right are $6.99 each - think they're 3 lbs
sorry, can't read the local lime price either...

organic medjool dates are $6.49/lb
herb bunches are $1.99 each
Salad Bar is $6.49/lb - so the lettuce is cheaper there, heh.

Yesterday I had a new guy in the deli (where they wiegh it & re-fill the bar) tell me that unless you're going to eat it they usually have people get the salad at the produce department. It was when I had half-filled my bowl and run out of the local lettuce. I asked them to put more out. I told him that I did eat it, that it was my dinner and that I came there almost every day. I said he'd get used to me, at which point another person working there went by and said hi to me by name. He introduced himself & I to him. Funny, huh? I got about a pound's worth in my bowl.
Today when I went to the salad bar for my usual bowl fill-up I saw someone I knew from my raw potluck birthday party. He had a large wooden bowl that he was filling up there too! They were almost out so we both knew that we needed to ask for more, lol. It was nice to have company. The checkout person knew the tare on both of our bowls by heart too, heh.

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