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The content of this site is in direct response to the requests and questions I've received from cyber & other friends, in addition to ones I would have liked to find when starting out on this wonderfully rewarding journey towards health or would like to have handy for myself on a regular basis.

I used to go to the Veg Source Raw and Sports Nutrition Discussion Board a lot, posting what I ate and did daily, which are included in my initial journal entries here. I haven't been to that board in a while.   Now there are other places as well, like Dr. Graham's FoodnSport site's discussion board, and the FoodnSport Facebook page. There are actually quite a few Facebook groups in relation to 80/10/10 too.

Dr. Douglas Graham is very knowledgeable and experienced in raw and sports nutrition and is so generous with his time on the boards when he has a chance. He volunteers his time on the boards and helps many people there, myself included. Thanks Dr. Graham.! ;-)

Because I'm pursuing my bliss and constantly striving towards better health and happiness, let me apologize in advance for not posting as regularly in my journals these days as I did at the beginning. I am striving towards a more regular posting here, however "life happens" and so it goes...

I have plans to update and give this site a makeover, so don't be surprised if one day things look different here.

I hope what I have posted will help you figure out and achieve your own terrific adventure towards health and happiness as well! :) Hmmm... I suppose that's my mission statement for this site as well.

Oh, and you can also find me posting short posts, comments, pictures, etc. on some social networking sites from time to time: Facebook, 30 Bananas a Day, & of course the FoodnSport discussion board. My "badges" from the social networking sites are here for you. The most activity is on Facebook, so I'm there more than the others, but I think some of the others are really nifty and I like 'em better. Last, but not least I also am posting videos on my YouTube channel when I can. It is a mix of food I buy and/or harvest, recipes, and other miscellaneous things.

Enjoy and Aloha!!! :):):)

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