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Food Storage & Kitchen Photos
(AKA - Look Ma' - no stove!)

These are pictures of food storage solutions I've done and our kitchen sans stove.

They're all click-able for enlarging...

Here's the cabinet (with the door open) we keep lots of our fruit in before we moved it into the kitchen:

It's screened in with metal screening so the bugs & critters can't get to it so well.
It doesn't stop the ants or tiny fruit flies, but it does cut down on the geckos (whose taste for the ends of the bananas got to be a bit much after a while). ;-)

Once we got rid of the stove (yay!), we put it in the stove's old spot in the kitchen - fits well there!

So here's what our kitchen looked like after the stove-purging...

I'll try to take some photos of our racks of bananas hanging outside sometime soon - as well as other fruit storage things we do.

Here's a link to another person's raw kitchen: Jack (AKA Jack the Rawguy).

Here's how I'm storing my star fruit in 2005:

The wire gaps let the edges poke through and not get as bruised up while ripening.

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