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Fruits and Veggies



Fruits and Veggies
These are pictures of fruits and veggies I grow, harvest, buy and/or eat.
They're all click-able for enlarging BTW...

The 'cooking bananas' I eat a lot of now. They're a kind of plantain. I eat 'em ripe. This is what they look like when growing.

This is a partial racime (AKA rack) of 'cooking bananas' after harvesting. They'll be ripe in a few days.

I'm holding the HI apple bananas I used to eat a lot in the early logs. This is back in 1994 before I started eating this way.

These are papayas growing. It's a round type. They are light to medium orange when ripe. There is an avocado tree in the background in the center, katuk on the left in back, and apple bananas in there somewhere..

Basil is in the foreground here (it's flowering here) as well as some chayote vines, papaya beyond it on the right and left. Avocado is in the center, and banana leaves are visible to the right of that above. There are some peppers and various other veggies in there too, but aren't visible.

bowl of Jamaican Lilikoi (orange ones), bowl of strawberry guava (red ones) with rose myrtle berries (I call 'em fuzzy blueberries), sprig of katuk (eat leaves, not stems except at tips)

HI Apple Bananas
(Growing amongst avocado tree)

Jamaican Lilikoi growing
(shows flowers, buds, leaf & fruit)

Chayote Trellis
(shows vine growing, leaves and chayote squash hanging down from above)

HI Apple Bananas
(hand being cut off stalk with banana knife)

HI Apple Bananas
(stalk after that hand cut off)

HI Apple Bananas
(stalk with all the hands from it)

Tree Tomatoes
(not related to tomatoes)

Tree Tomatoes
(shows interior and seeds)

Kauai County Farm Fair 2004
(squashes at right, mangoes close at left, then avocado and others on that table, veggies on next)
Looks like they've got it all set up for us to have dinner, eh?
It was tempting to just pull up a chair and eat, heh.

'Cooking Bananas'
(a kind of plantain I eat alot)
These were purchased on
1-5-05 like this & ready to eat on 1-13-05 - see the next picture.

'Cooking Bananas'
(ready to eat now)
Not that pretty at this point on the outside, but tasty and good.

Jamaican Lilikoi
(shows seeds, interior and spongy skin)

Yellow Lilikoi
(common passionfruit)

Various Veggies and Fruits from bottom up
(rosemary at bottom left, lettuce beyond it in same bed, bananas to left of that bed
maragolds at bottom right, various basils beyond it in same bed, decorative flowers beyond that, cabbage, then tat tsai, then lettuce in bed
ginger and sunchokes in bed to it's right, other veggies in beds in background beyond my son who's a teenager now)

Kitchen at one point
(on counter at left are yellow & orange lilikoi in one container and mac nuts in another;
a green caimito sits on the wooden counter at left of rack with atemoya on top, avocado on center rack and ice cream bananas on bottom, atis are to the right of that in container;
jakfruit sits on kitchen counter to left of watermelon with melon papaya, pomegranite, and mammea in front;
in cabinet are cooking bananas & apple bananas on top left, chicu on shelf below, starfruit below that and mango below there;
on right of cabinet are melon papayas at top, white sapote on next shelf and tangelos with oranges at bottom)

There are lots more to be posted once I get the site change-over finished...
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