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We all need recreation. How does that saying go? "All work and no play make Jack a very dull boy." It's true for Jane as well. ;) Without recreation of some sort our life becomes a drudery and our personalities are squelched and lost. We must take time, however short or long, to have fun for ourselves. We cannot afford not to - as everyone and everything else that we do will suffer from our resulting lack of vitality unless we take the time to recharge ourselves in this way.

The age of the "SuperMom" and woman that can "Do It All" has left many women just as removed from who they are and what they want as the previous age of the sacrificing mother and housewife we sought to escape. This syndrome has also transferred to many caring fathers these days as they attempt to be active parts of their childs lives while maintaining everything else they had been doing as well. Try transferring your ambition to your own health and well-being for at least part of the time and witness the rewards in aspects of your life that flow forth as a result. You will be so much more capable of doing what needs to get done when you are getting your needs met and recharging yourself in this way. Release any guilt for taking care of yourself, you deserve this break. If you must have guilt, save it for not taking the time for yourself as you cannot help others if you lacking the energy and vitality yourself.

Exercise & Fitness can be recreation to some, as can Gardening, Camping or creating pleasing Surroundings. See the appropriate section for information on those sorts of recreation. This section covers other methods of recreation not covered in the other product sections.

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